• The Steady State, drawn from all points of the political and policy spectrum, does not advocate for any specific policy, except one which returns to basic tenets:
  • The National Security Community should inform and advise the President with timely and relevant intelligence and policy advice and options to ensure the safety and security of the nation, without fear or favor, and without consideration of domestic electoral advantage;
  • The National Security Community should be loyal first and foremost to the Constitution and to the Rule of Law, and not to the personal ambitions of any person or party;
  • The National Security Community should rely on expertise, experience and competence in carrying out its duties, and should demand and embrace unbiased information, expertise, and analysis as fundamental to its mission; and
  • The National Security Community should recognize and support America’s role as an international leader, an honest and steadfast ally, and a resolute adversary to nations and actors who endanger the nation and our democratic values.
  • Write and speak on issues where our experience and expertise can inform Americans as they make critical decisions in our elections;
  • Will make ourselves available to journalists seeking informed and detailed information, from experts, about the national security issues facing this nation, our allies, and the world; and
  • Will stand ready to assist like-minded individuals and organizations to protect the national security interests of the United States.
  • More than 25 former Ambassadors
  • More than 20 former Senior Intelligence Service officials
  • More than 45 former Senior Executive Service officials
  • Former Senior Congressional Staffers
  • Former National Security Council Staff
  • Academics studying national security
  • Counter terrorism
  • Counterproliferation and arms control
  • Covert Action
  • Defense Policy
  • Economic Policy
  • Foreign Policy & Diplomacy
  • Foreign Aid & Assistance
  • Foreign Election Interference
  • Human Rights & Democracy
  • Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Espionage and Counterespionage
  • National Security and Biological Warfare/Pandemic
  • National Security and Intelligence Oversight
  • National Security Inter-Agency function
  • National Security Law
  • National Security/Law Enforcement intersection
  • Oversight
  • Role of Congress
  • Science & Technology
  • Transportation Security
  • Whistleblower & Government Ethics
  • Interviews with Journalists
  • Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor
  • Print, Television and Social Media platforms
  • Speaking to groups
  • Serve on Panels




We are veterans of the U.S. National Security Community concerned about the future of our nation. Visit thesteadystate.org to learn more!

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The Steady State

The Steady State

We are veterans of the U.S. National Security Community concerned about the future of our nation. Visit thesteadystate.org to learn more!

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